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Hi, I’m Italy! The birthplace of Renaissance, Pizza and the evergreen Vespa

Italy is undoubtedly one of the best countries to visit as a tourist! Why you ask? Well, lets see. Firstly, you get to boast to your friends that you visited 3 countries (at the cost of one!) - Italy (Ofcourse), Vatican City and Republic of San Marino! Bet you did not know that! Both these countries are completely surrounded by Italy and hence lie inside Italy! And to add to this craziness, you get to witness 2 wonders of the world, mind blowing architectural stunners, world-class art galleries, the most romantic city in the world, innumerable canals, drop dead gorgeous beaches and islands! All this while you gobble up the best gelatos and pizzas you’d ever have!

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buon appetito
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someone to 'lean' on

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