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India is not just a country, its a feeling! The most important aspect of India is its culture, colorful festivals, its people and their amazing food. In this whirlwind, one experiences loosing and finding thy self at the same time. Travelling through India is like having a mini world tour - Each of its states is so distinct from the other. Every 100kms you travel, the region changes completely - the language spoken, the terrain, the food palette, the way people dress and look. Each state is almost a country in its own! Yet its the rich traditions, incredible history of about 2,500 centuries and the love for one another that keeps this beautiful country woven together! From the world famous Chicken Tikka Masala and Taj Mahal, to the lesser known Neer Dosa and Ibrahim Roza - Here you’ll find everything to see and do in India and much more!

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Sequential day plans with selected attractions (ticket links, transport details & maps)

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