Top 10 Unique Places to Party in Prague

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  • Feb 03, 2020
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Where to Party in Prague? - Top 10 Unique Nightlife Experiences.

Prague is known to have one of the best late night party scenes in all of Europe! And well I cannot disagree. The city streets that scream old school architecture in the day time, transform into modern glittery nights once the sun is down.
⚠️ I highly recommend carrying cash in CZK when you head out to the city bars. Most places only accept cash. There might be ATMs around where you could withdraw cash but ATMs too charge an extra fee. GET CASH!

Average Rates-
💸 A pint of beer : 35 CZK (~1€)
💸 A bottle of wine : 160 CZK (~6€)
💸 Finger Food (2 items) : 100 CZK (~3.5€)
💸 A good hearty meal : 250 CZK (~9€)

To summarize, If you carry around 1000 CZK (~36€) you will be able to easily hop from one pub to another, enjoy atleast 5 drinks and enjoy some amazing food!

The main party area of Prague is in its old town (Prague 1) and more specifically in the Dlouhá street. Here’s a list of the 10 best pubs to check out while in Prague.

1) Roxy

The MOST famous dance club in Prague, this one is a must go. Hosts numerous events/shows and has some of the best DJs entertaining the crowd. It feels like a huge basement turned into a dance floor. As you walk into the very normal looking main road facing doors of the club there is not much you would expect. The security checks you in and you get down a flight of stairs, walk a narrow corridor. And then out of nowhere a dark huge hall with a standing capacity of 750 guests with dazzling lights and a bar welcomes you! There is a balcony and a lounge as well! The music at Roxy spans all genres of dance.

2) James Dean

1950s-style diner with red leather booths, celebrity motifs & a menu of burgers, steaks & sandwiches. This double floored outlet has a cool American diner upstairs with lovely theme dressed waitresses and a bar downstairs that plays an ‘eclectic’ range of music till 6am! Fire jets behind the bar, reasonably priced cocktails and food! The burgers here is a crowd favorite and are huugge. Make sure you come here with a empty tummy as there’s lots to eat here at a very affordable price. Staff definitely get a shout out for being extremely friendly.

3) Harley’s Bar

Brash venue for live music or DJ nights & drink deals in an American biker-themed bar & club. Most nights are dedicated to rock music. The bartenders put on a show each time stripping down to the waist exposing their sculpted bodies and spitting out spirit and putting on a fire show while the guests watch in wonder. Great choice for a night out. Crazy vibes! A popular place for bachelor parties!

Timings : Open all days 7 pm - 4 am

4) M1 Lounge Bar & Club

Different themed nights vary from hip hop to dance music at this happening club with shisha (hookah) menu. Most nights are dedicated to hip-hop and RnB music. Reasonably priced drinks, good crowd that minds its own business and great music. The dance floor is not as big as some of the other clubs in the city that makes it an intimate setting!

Timings : Sun - Thu : 9 pm - 4 am; Fri & Sat : 8 pm - 6 am
Entrance Fee : Free on weekdays; weekends 200 CZK for men and 100 CZK for women.

5) Anonymous Bar

Interesting underground cocktail bar with a mysterious vibe! The waiters randomly put on quirky V for Vendetta (Guy Fawkes) masks and put on a show while serving drinks. Masks are also given to guests on request for pictures! To add to the mystery there are also secret menus which can be read only under UV flashlights! Don’t expect the waiters to walk around with masks all day. Creative drinks but the price is not very reasonable here. Be prepared to shell some extra cash. None the less, good music and ambiance and classy crowd.

Timings : Sun - Thu : 5 pm - 2 am; Fri & Sat : 5 pm - 3 am

6) Chapeau Rouge

Bar, nightclub & live music venue spread over 3 floors with a lineup of international acts. Each floor plays a different type of music with the basement dedicated to live music. Well made drinks and well behaved staff. A perfect place to visit if you are planning to kill 2-3 hrs. Buy a drink and keep changing floors every now and then for a brand new feel. Keep an eye out for the cool Latino nights! Beer pints here are a crowd fave for its dirt-cheap price (2 € per pint)

Entrance Fee : 100 CZK

7) Duplex Club

Duplex club is one Fashionable rooftop club & restaurant with an international menu, summer terrace & spacious dance floor. The club offers panoramic views over the city when seated on the rooftop, while it gets transformed into a mesmerizing dance floor at night.

Entrance Fee :
Restaurant: Free
Club: Men 150 CZK-300 CZK; Women 100 CZK-150 CZK

8) Prague Boat Party

Prague Boat Party a.k.a. Booze Cruise hosts awesome parties at night on the Vltava river. You can party under the night sky on the deck while passing by some of the famous landmarks in Prague like Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Kampa Island etc. If you feel the need to groove to the music by the DJ, then hit the bar and dance floor inside the cruise. Pre-parties, Booze Cruise and After Parties are sure to keep you dancing and the booze flowing throughout the night. Head over with your friends or you special one and enjoy a night under the starry sky, sailing past famous landmarks while enjoying the high. The pre-parties also host all-you-can-drink nights.

Timings :
Pre-party : 20:00 - 22:30

Booze Cruise : 23:00 - 01:00
After Party : 20:00 - 22:30

Tickets : Official Website

9) Karlovy Lazne (The 6 storeyed club)

Claimed as the largest music club in Prague and Central Europe, it’s unique attraction is the type of music played in each of its 6 floors. All floors are uniquely themed and the music is accommodated according to the look and feel of the ambience. The floors (bottom to top) are named as :
Music Cafe: Provides a cafe-like atmosphere with free wifi.
Discotheque: Designed to make you dance as the name suggests. Houses a video wall.
Kaleidoskope: Retro Style. Elvis, Marilyn, Beatles. You know the rest.
Paradogs: R’n’B that’s Rap and Beats with hip-hop music.
Chill Out: Sit back and relax on the gold couches to lounge music.
All Inclusive Area: All-inclusive, as the name suggests with VIP area.

10) London Underground

The London Underground Bar, in the centre of the city, is a British themed bar offering expat activities such as the Comedy Cellar and classic pub quiz. This bar hosts daily sporting events along with late night entertainment. The unique music-themed interior and the warm ambience of our historic gothic cellar bar surely will take you back to the feel of London.

Entrance Fee : Free


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