Charming Czechia   -- The Land of Stories

The Bohemian kingdom with a rad beer culture

Back in 1993, when Czechoslovakia split into two parts, Czechia was formed. Fun fact : It is one of the 10 newest countries in the world! A complete landlocked country, it shares border with 4 countries - Germany, Austria, Poland and ofcourse Slovakia. The country has 200 castles and you are sure to get some castle mania here! Prague Castle is known to be the largest ancient castle in the world. The country is filled with medieval European origins - withdrawing back in time is a given while in Czechia.
All of us drunks here know Czechia for being the country with the highest beer consumption per capita. An astounding average of 161 liters of beer is consumed per person each year. Pilsner, Staropramen and Kozel are you best buddies here. All in all its a tipsy castle trip!

on the iconic Charles Bridge
Party in Prague
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