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Bhutan - A tiny country in the lap of the Himalayas takes you into the fascinating world of Druk’s (dragons) and monasteries! An absolute hidden gem in the world, their thoughtful and progressive king introduced the Gross National Happiness, a concept that emphasizes the importance on spiritual and non-economic well-being of a human, rather than focusing development only on economic factors! And you really see happiness beaming in every nook and corner of the country. Bhutanese are extremely religious and are rock solid tied to their roots! It’s wonderful to see most locals wearing their traditional Bhutanese outfits in public as they go on with their daily lives. Their mesmerizing Dzongs will leave you captivated and the love the people share for their King and Queen would most definitely make you a fan of them as well!

While you relish Ema Datshi with red rice tingling your food buds, you’ll soon notice that eating out is not a popular culture in local Bhutanese life. In most cities other than the capital, the wait times in restaurants once the order is placed is >30-40 minutes! :)

Polaroid Image - royal bhutan
royal bhutan
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tiger's nest
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beautiful bhutanese


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